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LIVING YOUR PURPOSE COACHING AND TRAINING CENTRE Edmonton, Alberta, Canada By Dianne DeJong Founder/President

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By the grace of God, I am a Professional Certified Life Purpose Coach (PCLC), which includes being a 25-minute LaserCoachsm, a 50-minute/ 10-session Life Purpose Coach®, and a Strategic Two-Day LifePlan Coach. In addition, over the past ten years with Life Purpose Coaching Centers International® (LPCCI), I have had the privilege of becoming a Grief Coach, Recovery Coach, Bible/Book Study Leader, and PCLC Instructor.

In October 2016, my husband Jack and I opened Canada's first Christian Coaching Centre, Living Your Purpose Coaching and Training Centre. This was a dream that God had planted in my heart many years ago, and it is such an honour to see this dream come to fruition. This was made possible with the support, love, and encouragement of my husband! We love doing life together and are incredibly blessed to have children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to enjoy.

I am passionate about Life Purpose Coaching because it is such a joy to see women and men of all ages (working with their same-gender Coaches) realize their potential in Jesus, be set free, and understand that everyone has a purpose -- that everyone is created for something special. I invite you to take a step of faith and begin your journey of becoming FREE in Christ.

So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed (John 8:36).

We offer Laser, traditional, and 2-day Christian coaching, Bible/Book Studies, as well as PCLC Instruction for those being called by God to become a Coach!



How the First Christian Canadian Centre Was Birthed!

It started with a prayerful conversation between Jack and me in 2006. Finally, in August 2016, we agreed to take an entire weekend to intentionally pray [AGAIN!] about opening the Centre. Monday morning, I presented Jack with my formal idea. He replied, "Yes, let's have a look at available space and see if we find somewhere suitable." We did and the rest is history! Eight weeks later, we moved in to the perfect property for our purposes.

Left to right:
Charlie Tannehill (Trainer), Suzanne McGeough, Rosemary Sabo,
Wanda Morgan, Colleen and Lance Lindoff, David Hailet, Dianne DeJong, Cindy Tannehill (Primary Online/Onsite PCLC Instructor
and LPCCI Champion from start-to-finish
of opening this Centre!)

Backstory Not to Be Missed: I have to give Jack credit for what only a few people know:

It was spring 2006 that I heard about Dr. Katie Brazelton by reading the first of her eight books, Pathway to Purpose. I was intrigued and took her online Coach training for Levels One and Two, but Level Three would require that I travel to Laguna Beach, California, for a full training week with 55 other students and to "Pass Muster" with Dr. KatieB! I was all set to go, but a few days before my flight, I awoke in the night with a heavy heart that I was not to venture out for that long and that far away from Jack. (We always stuck together!)

In this state of confusion, I wrote Katie a letter telling her that I was not going to come to the conference, but that she could keep my tuition and gift it to another lady at another time. I put the letter in my Bible and went back to bed, falling asleep peacefully fast. When I got up later than usual, Jack was at the table holding my letter and said, "So now...are you going to start listening to the devil?" He continued with, "You know GOD HAS CALLED YOU to this, and you are going! With loving eyes, he slowly tore up my letter, and I am so blessed that he did.

In fact, the past decade has been a Blessing Above & Beyond...filled with coaching and doing LifePlans with women of all ages. To describe my feelings, I can only quote what Mother Teresa told Katie in 1988 in Calcutta, India. They were chatting about the work the Missionaries of Charity were doing worldwide, and Mother Teresa said, "It's Pure Joy!" It has been Pure Joy for me to watch the methodical unfolding of my Calling and now the dream that God gave me of opening an Edmonton Centre.

Now...we have ten (yes, praise God: 10!) Professional Certified Life Coaches (PCLC's).
Suzanne McGeough
Vahen King
Amanda Schroter
Kaylee Dombroski...who took her coaching skills with her on an extended overseas mission trip!
Pastor Larry Lindoff
Wanda Morgan
Colleen Lindoff
Rev. David Haitel
Lance Lindoff!


PCLC graduate and our newest author Vahen King with Instructor Cindy Tannehill


Please make an appointment and come and visit us!


Dianne DeJong