Life Plan Facilitation

Have you ever wondered if there was more to your life than just wake up, cook, clean, work, cook, clean, sleep, repeat?

Have you ever wanted to know what exactly it is that you’re talented at doing?

Then a life plan facilitation may be for you!

A life plan facilitation consists of two full-day, intensive sessions with a certified Life Purpose coach. Through the Holy Spiritʼ s guidance, you and your coach will prayerfully look at “your life on the movie screen” ― that is, your past, present, and future ― to discover what your God-given purpose is, what your talents and gifts are, and what your God-ordained “mission statement” is. During a life plan facilitation, your coach will provide the encouragement and help you need to:

  • identify your God-given purpose
  • identify your talents, gifts, and life goals
  • develop a plan to achieve your life goals
  • develop a plan of action to overcome your past hurts, fears, insecurities, and other things that may be
    holding you back from all God has made you to be
  • create spiritual, mental, and physical balance in your life
  • develop contagious and close relationships with God and others
  • confidently live on purpose and with purpose
  • learn what it means to live a God-surrendered life, and how you can live one with the Holy Spirit’s help

Life Purpose Plan Facilitation –Breakthrough

Schedule your two day in-depth life plan coaching session. Two days with a coach…looking at your life, your dreams, your gifts, your passions…and laying out a plan to live a balanced, full, and purpose-filled life. You will leave the two day experience with a 12-16 page printed, bound, and ready-to-live blueprint for the future, Your Life on the Movie Screen. Additional Coaching packages are available before and after your facilitation. I am certified to facilitate Life Plans for Women, Young Adults, and Couple Facilitation.

  • Do you sometimes think that God couldn’t love someone like you with all of your weaknesses and imperfections?
  • Have you been deeply hurt in the past and feel like that hurt is swallowing you whole?
  • Are you having trouble finding meaning or purpose in your life?
  • Do you feel alone?

We have all said “yes” to these questions at some point in their lives. However, we have come to know God’s limitless mercy and grace through reaching out to other Christian coaches. We have a passion for knowing God intimately and a passion for encouraging other women to deepen their relationship with God. Dianne is certified as a Life Purpose Coach through Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®.

God has a wonderful and amazing destiny for you. He loves and cherishes you. I would love to meet with you and through Coaching, encourage you to realize you are treasured by God and are called to live a life full of freedom and purpose. Coaching can be done one on one or gather a couple of friends for some group coaching.I look forward to hearing from you.

I am ready to walk with you on your “Pathway to Purpose”


  • Are you passionate about encouraging women to live a life of passion and purpose for God?
  • Do you believe that God has called you to work in women’s ministry?
  • Are you compassionate, patient, and a really good listener?

If your answer to the above questions is a resounding “YES!”, then you may be interested in becoming a Life Purpose coach or facilitator. Please read further for brief descriptions of each of the above ways YOU can minister to women.

Description of Training Courses

Certified Life Purpose Coach®

A Life Purpose Coaching Centers International® certified Life Purpose Coach® is trained to help women discover and live out the purpose and destiny God has designed for them. A Life Purpose coach does this through one on one conversations, telephone or Skype® calls, email, and even old-fashioned written letters! If you believe that God is calling you to be a Life Purpose coach, please contact Dianne for more information.

Life Purpose Facilitator®

A Life Purpose Coaching Centers International® Life Purpose Facilitator® is someone who has taken the training required to become a Certified Life Purpose Coach®, and then chooses to take additional training so that they may guide women through the intensive process of a life plan facilitation. If you are interested in becoming a Life Purpose Facilitator®, please read our page “Life Plan Facilitation” and contact Dianne for more information.

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