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Just finished my Coaching with Coach Dianne. I count it a blessing to have had this opportunity. This has been a huge step in my life with great rewards. The following is what Coaching has done for me: Why coaching – it has helped me to discover my God-given gifts and helped me move forward more purposefully towards these gifts to better serve the Kingdom. The interaction with my coach (Dianne) has helped me to be accountable in recognizing my areas of weakness and strengths and has encouraged me to concentrate on my areas of strength. The coaching has also helped me to look at my past and to move forward to the present and future with a greater anticipation of what God can do through my past and to believe HIM for the present and future.

I will definitely recommend coaching to others, as many have not been given the opportunity to interact personally with a Life Coach and many have been stuck in their past and they can’t move forward. Coaching will help them relinquish their past to God and move forward with a greater sense of purpose and hope that God has in store for His children. Coaching will also help others to look deeper into their lives and how they could unlock their potential and gifting God has for them and serve His Kingdom in a greater way.

– BL Executive Admin Officer

My coaching experience with Dianne was more than I could have expected. She provided a “safe”
environment for each session, was thoroughly prepared, considerate of my needs, and eager to unwrap the gift that God provided during each session. Dianneʼs warmth, joy and love poured into me straight from the heart of our Father and I left each session filled with joy, strength and determination to “fight the good fight” for HIS glory.

– JL Womenʼs Ministry Leader

My Life Plan Facilitation with Coach and Facilitator, Dianne was an incredibly life changing experience, filled with healing, hope and life directions from the Holy Spirit! Dianneʼs prayer, leading and discernment were key ingredients that God used to reveal and further clarify His purposes for my life. I leave my life plan retreat with Dianne, with anticipation excitement, healing and Godʼs power to breakthrough to the purposes He has been preparing for me since I was a little girl. I now approach life with renewed invigoration for the daily tasks and for the long-term plans He desires to use me to complete.

– CD Licensed Counselor

I thought makeovers occurred at the hair salon or at the makeup counter – that was before my coaching experience with Coach Dianne! Living a life destined to please people, I hit a wall, with my face first, and I sure wasn’t enjoying it. My boundaries were completely and inappropriately unbalanced. I knew something was out of sync in my life, and I mean, really, really out of sync. I was disproportionately focused on a career, captivated by accolades, and motivated by financial benefits that led me straight to the cosmetics counters, clothing stores, spending nearly 30-40% of my annual income on these indulgences. A lipstick here and there, a skin serum, having that ‘preferred’ customer status, being known by name, lots of nice new outfits, all of these things made me feel good, but only temporarily. I was addicted to the highs of the experiences, then I would hit a low, and the cycle continued. All for what?
Coaching has unquestionably and positively changed my life, my perspective, and how I live. Coach Dianne encouraged me, supported me, and ever so lovingly course corrected opportunity areas of my life to move me towards a life fulfilled, empowered, and most importantly – knowing who I am in Christ! I felt completely safe and secure sharing personal and (what I thought were embarrassing issues) with Coach Dianne. She is a gift from God. Coach Dianne is real, and a great role model. I am so thankful for Coach Dianne, and for the entire coaching experience. My heart and mind are tuned into God’s unique purpose for my life now, I know confidently God has a beautiful plan for me, I can live life joyfully, peacefully, hopeful, and excited about my journey.
I really like the makeover I got – it outshines any product on the market.

– JW – KAM

My training was outstanding. One highlight was the ability to learn from a Holy Spirit inspired, gifted teacher– Dianne DeJong. She possesses an amazing ability to motivate individuals, and I leave empowered every time I spend time with her. Another highlight was the ability to have all my questions answered over the weekend training. I left feeling very equipped to facilitate a life plan, and I know should questions arise, Dianne has made herself more than available to assist me.

— CD

All I can say is “Thank you, Thank you!! My coaching experience with Dianne has changed my life. I am reading my Bible more, praying more and hearing Godʼs voice to me.

— MB Insurance Agent

I have asked Dianne to continue to be my coach, as she speaks truth in my life. Each time we are together, I am encouraged, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have been coached over the phone and in person.

– DH Nurse

I had the amazing opportunity to spend two quality days with Coach and Facilitator Dianne DeJong. Upon arrival I was immediately “WOWʼED” by her advance preparations, professional presentation, and desire to create a safe place, nurturing personalized environment. This lead to an immediate ability to relax, get comfortable, and be positively expectant about what lay ahead. Dianne gently guided me through the Life Plan with sensitivity, insight and conviction. When appropriate,we would stop and pray or spend extra time working to resolve a challenging area. Subsequently, we were able to go deeper and deeper into the process so that God could shine His light on issues that needed healing or areas that required attention. Through Dianneʼs skill, discernment and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit my path became clearer with each completed section. By the end of the journey we both were elated with what God, she and I had accomplished. I am thrilled to share that I am embracing the steps that were revealed to me through this process.

— JL

It’s over ten years now that I met Dianne. At the time she was wanting to see a Ladies Bible Study started. After much prayer, she felt the Lordʼs calling and bravely stepped in. Over the years the group has grown to over thirty ladies with weekly attendance of over twenty. Her wisdom, teaching ability and confidence have grown. It has been such a blessing to me to be under her leadership. No matter the study or topic Dianne uses Godʼ s word to guide and direct us in our walk. She has so much scripture stored in her heart and she challenges us, “to get into the Word and journal, journal, journal!” The group truly loves her. Our latest study has been “The Power of a Praying Woman”, by StormieOmartian. Itʼ s powerful and has brought our group closer together and closer to the Lord.

— SH, attendee for over ten years

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